Scalable PA and Live Audio

PA System and Stage Extensions. Covering every corner of your event. We either operate as our own PA system or we can extend your stage to ensure all areas of the event are covered. Our wireless system keeps you from having to run wires and cables all over your event and ensures no tripping hazards and less set-up time. We also keep you from having to use overpowered sound systems, keeping the sound spread just right.

Integration Services

Have your favorite DJ, Band, etc integrate into their sound and push it out through our wireless system and make sure you have corner to corner coverage. We provide the expertise to make sure YOUR vision is heard at every corner of YOUR event and where you need the sound most.

Voice Department

Custom Audio Clip including Event Branded Audio Files. We share the CUSTOM audio clip designed specifically for each sponsor, letting them know YOU go ABOVE and BEYOND.  If that’s not enough, we provide services to build CRITICAL COMMUNICATIONS audio clips in case of an emergency.

Music For Miles

Strategic SiCube Speaker Unit Locations. SiCoustics wants to support your VISION and ensure ALL MAJOR SPONSORS and PARTICIPANTS are getting the attention they deserve. We cover the route which is the BEST time and place to get your participants undivided attention not just for sponsors but also for educating them about your programs.

Engage Department

Struggling with Organic Content and Event Engagement? Our ENGAGE department sets us apart from the rest by specializing in a gamified smartphone APP solution similar to that of a scavenger hunt, blending templated or custom activities and missions with your brand and by designing contests for ALL ages.  Game and Go and Expo and Go solutions.  Building a highly memorable experience to drive future attendance is our #1 objective as well as helping you recruit sponsors by offering increased exposure and positive brand associations.  After it’s all over, take advantage of photos and videos database to help inspire and increase future marketing!

Engage Department Solutions

Expo and Go
  • Perfect for conferences and professional events
  • App customized for your event
  • Meaningful engagement
Game and Go
  • Perfect for outdoor and family fun events
  • App customized for your event
  • Memorable engagement